GBAPP has moved! The offices found at 156, 158, and 200 Mill Hill Avenue are now around the corner at 1470 Barnum Avenue, Suite 301. The number, 203-366-8255, remains the same.

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GBAPP in recent news: “Sexually active teens step up; heed prevention messages”

A message to our friends

With GBAPP, people are taking concrete steps toward leading happier, healthier and productive lives.  Teen moms and teen fathers are given an environment to have a second chance at achieving their dreams.  Hundreds of people young and old volunteer to take an HIV test in order to know their status and learn ways to protect themselves from contracting HIV.  Young teens, parents, and school faculty learn about comprehensive sexuality education and their vital role in promoting healthy and responsible decision-making in order for students to achieve academic success.  Teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS is at the root of a number of significant public health and social challenges. With a growing number of targeted programs, GBAPP is a cornerstone in the community serving the largest city in Connecticut. These statistics demonstrate why:

  • Bridgeport has the 2nd highest rates of teenage births in CT. The Bridgeport rate is two times higher than the state and 30% higher than the country. The birth rate for Bridgeport teens was 33 births per 1,000 teenage girls.
  • Bridgeport has the 3rd highest rates of all STD’s in CT – chlamydia (11.7%), gonorrhea (15.6%), syphilis (5.2%). In 2007, 470 Bridgeport adolescents under the age of 20 were treated for sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Bridgeport is in the top three highest prevalence areas of new HIV/AIDS infection in the state; the high rate of infection among Blacks (48.9% of total new AIDS cases in Bridgeport in 2008), males (61.6% people living with HIV/AIDS in Bridgeport are males), and young adults (6.2% of PLWHA are between 18-29, with the rate doubling 17.2% in the next age group indicating the opportunity for prevention with older adolescents).

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